TikTok is simply the most amusing thing to grace our screens since, well, forever! With its endless stream of fun, entertaining and inspiring videos it is guaranteed to leave you feeling uplifted. So why not join in on the laughter, connect with others and start posting your own videos? All you need is a phone with a camera, the TikTok app and your good to go.


Without further ado, here are our 5 summer content ideas:

  1. Create a carousel of 'Things You Loved This Week' and feature 8-12 pictures that encapsulate your week from getting coffee with the gals to long beach walks with your fur baby and everything in between, the less curated the better, so keep it real and have fun snapping up your week.

  2. Showcase your own personal style by capturing an OOTD (outfit of the day) video. This could be an outfit you're wearing to the beach, work or even to run some errands. Simply, set up your camera and just start moving around, do a few poses and have fun. Then you can edit down that 1-minute video and turn it into a 15 second clip ready to go viral on TikTok. Here at SUNNYLiFE we adopted this concept and applied it to our pool floats, take a look here.

  3. Heading on a summer getaway? Take your SUNNYLiFE essentials on the road and capture moments of your fun-filled time with friends and family. And for a cute caption idea, use this: 'Weekend Getaway 🌸🌴☀️'.

  4. Share more from your POV (point of view), use a first person perspective to show something you can't get enough of e.g. your morning yoga flows or your favourite pool floats. Then simply layer a caption on top of the video like, "POV: I'm obsessed with [BLANK}", and fill in the blank with your current obsession to finish your video, now you're ready to post. You can see how we have created them here.

  5. Everyone has a wishlist, so why not turn it into a trending video? Screenshot 8-12 items you have in your shopping cart (don't forget to include some sunshine essentials) and use the carousel feature on TikTok to select your images, add a song from the recommended section and caption it: 'Currently On My Wishlist'.

Have fun snapping more everyday moments and creating memories that you will be able to replay for the years to come. Plus follow along with us on TikTok @sunnylifeaustralia and stay up to date on some trend worthy content.


Posted by Simone Lavis on