THE Best places to celebrate pride month
in the United States

Rainbow GLITTER, face PAINT AND FEATHER BOAS AT THE READY - Pride month is right around the corner, and we are here for it.

A 1996 raid on a New York City nightclub sparked the Stonewall riots, and inspired the first organized Pride demonstrations. These now annual, lavish celebrations transform cities all over the world into unified spectacles of parties, parades and pride galore! This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots that started it all, not that an extra dose of history means that Pride 2019 will be any less fabulous. You already know, this year's celebrations are about to be fiercer than ever. 

Sydney is world-famous for our own Pride celebration, so we know a thing or two about a thing or two. So, from the New York streets to the coastline of California, here's our list of the five best cities in America to party in for Pride.

New York Pride - Starting with the O.G

For the entirety of June, one of the country’s biggest Pride celebrations is set to be the most monumental yet. This year’s WorldPride, a global event hosted in a different city each year, lands in New York to mark Stonewall’s 50th anniversary. The New York Pride celebratory calendar boasts over 60 events; including parties, rallies, concerts and more - building up to the official march on June 30.

San Francisco Pride

If New York City is where Pride was born, San Francisco is where it truly blossomed. When it comes to celebrating Pride, there are few cities that rival the spectacle and community commitment of the fabulous San Fran. San Francisco Pride is a two-day event with over 20 stages and venues, a massive parade, an art and music festival and a piece de resistance finale party, ‘Under the Rotunda,’ that ends the weekend’s festivities.

Los Angeles Pride

While the movement began elsewhere, Los Angeles historically hosted the first-ever 'Pride Parade' and it remains as one of the biggest annual celebrations in the country. Centerpiece of a week of events, the LA Pride Parade boasts a level of extravagance that only L.A can bring, accompanied by a FAB two-day music festival, with this year's featuring live music from Meghan Trainor, Years & Years, Ashanti, Paula Abdul, and many more!

Chicago Pride

Pride month is a major affair in Chicago, the parade alone draws in a million+ raucous revelers, but over 100 other happenings keep the party going all month long. A highlight is Chicago Pride Fest, a legendary street fair; featuring food, live music and over-the-top performances. And, in honor of Stonewall 50, Chicago is hosting an epic music festival: Pride in the Park, with rapper Iggy Azalea and EDM cake-thrower Steve Aoiki headlining.

Houston Pride

Houston’s Pride parade comes to life after dark. No, really—it’s been held after sunset since 1997, so creative costuming and glow-in-the-dark floats abound. Often the largest and most well-attended Pride event in Texas, the celebration pulls in over half a million attendees from around the world to events like the Houston Pride Festival, Latinx rumba night, and the official pool party, you can guarantee Houston will bring the heat.

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