Picture your best friend. Picture her a little stressed, like those times you intuitively know you must put a glass of wine in her hand and get your living-room dance on to cheesy pop music. Picture her in her business kit, counting the minutes until she can escape that 3pm (yawn) meeting and run out and grab her third coffee of the day.

Does your bestie deserve that? No!

Grab a pair of Luxe Pink Flamingo Floats and get her the flock out of there! There is never a better time to plan a bestie getaway than right now, so just do it. Our girl Rosie, the Rose Gold Flamingo, won’t rest until you both do.

There is nothing more important than perfect lighting in your home, and we all know a soft pink glow is one of the best ways to turn a space from drab to fab.

Try our Flamingo Neon Lights for a little extra oomph, or if you’re a flame-lover check out our Flamingo Candles in Fuchsia and Light Pink. Try the Flamingo Tealights in your outdoor space for a subtle hint of fun. Whether you’re a scandi’ queen, a minimalist maven or an indie darling, a little pop of pink is just what you need.

Is it that time of year again? When it’s hot and the days are long. When you just know an epic night is on the cards. Take it into your own hands and get your crew together for a Flamingle. We have perfect ‘grammable party accessories, like Flamingo Honeycomb Straws and the Flamingo Stirrers. And you’re going to want to find a way to use the Flamingo Cake Candles even if there’s no birthday. Total flamingoals.

Party like a supermodel and jump in the pool! Our Inflatable Drink Holder Flamingo is the perfect pool party accessory. Pop your homemade sodas in there and it’s basically a swim up bar.

Don’t have a pool? Don’t flocking worry. Grab some Inflatable Drink Holder Tropical and scatter them around your backyard, or even your living room to create the perfect summer vibe.

Want more ideas? Get in touch with us and we’ll put our heads together for you. Adios Flamingos!

Posted by Lucy Everden on

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