It goes without saying that Modern Family is one of our, and the rest of the worlds, favourite sitcoms. And it seems that, without sounding like a bragging Betty, Sunnylife is one of their favourite Summer accessories! Check out some of the cast enjoying their Sunnylife floats and accessories below.

Make Memories, Not Moments With Hot Summer Tracks

Our new girl crush, Ariel Winter, is absolutely nailing it lately. She is dealing with all the (totally inappropriate and unnecessary) junk that’s being thrown at her in an extremely public setting with a maturity and grace well above her years. Girl is on fire and we’re in love.

We are living for this pic from Ariel’s article and photo shoot in Refinery 29. The color palette is our aesthetic dream and something we predict is going to be HUGE next summer. But the best part is Ariel herself. She is lying back, watching the world judge her and giving it sass straight back. Her smize is totally saying “you can say what you want about me, you can publish all of the negative things, and the unflattering paparazzi shots. Imma just be right here chilling, looking like a baws and listening to my fave summer jams all the while NOT thinking about you.”.

We think everyone should be more like Ariel. Grab your own Beach Sounds Orange, throw on a bikini, practice your eye roll in the mirror and head to the beach. Make sure you #sunnylife.

Show Sofia How it’s Done With Your Own Rosie Here

I wish we’d videoed the reaction in our office when Sofia freaking Vergara posted this absolutely hilarious pic on Instagram. There were tears, there were screams, there was laughter and an insane amount of reposting.

Our fave girl, Rosie the Luxe Float Flamingo Rose Gold, couldn’t have found a better match for her than the world’s favorite funny woman Sofia. We think she did a stellar job getting on ol’ Rose and are so happy that someone was there to capture the process in full! The amount of times we’ve tried to “gracefully” get on a float fully clothed for a not-posed-at-all, totally organic, candid pic and ended up fully submerged in our Saturday night kit with mascara running down our face. We wish we had photos for future lol’s.

Insta challenge – get your bestie to take photos of you getting on your own float and tag us. We’ll put them all in a blog post and laugh for days!

Toucan Play at that Game


Can we just take a minute here? Look. At. Her. Body. We tou-CAN’T even deal. Our Luxe Float Toucan has never looked so good! Don’t even question it, just get your own and practice looking this gorgeous. Do it.

Goldie Will Make All Your Summer Dreams Come True


It seems that Jesse Tyler Ferguson knew we were going to set the insta challenge because this is EXACTLY what we were talking about!

The ginger half of our favorite Modern Family couple channeled all of us at some point in our lives by completely going head over butt whilst riding his Luxe Float Swan Gold into the pool. See, famous people ARE relatable!

We love everything about this video, especially the fact he was able to keep his cool guy sunnies on the whole time.

Thanks Modern Family, we love you too!

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