Long hot days in the sun whilst lounging by the pool are coming to an end and here at SUNNYLiFE we want to make sure that you get another season of summer with your favorite Pool Floats, Toys and Inflatables. It is important to ensure that you give your inflatables a little TLC at the end of the season to ensure they are ready to float forever.

Below are 3 Easy Steps to keep your SUNNYLiFE Inflatables safe during the cooler months.

Step 1. Deflate

When it starts to cool down it is time to put away all of your tube, lie-on, noodle floats and pool toys. The first step is to deflate. We recommend using an electric air pump by reversing the flow. Another option is to insert a thin straw into the valve and leave it overnight and gradually the air will escape the float. Or, create a game and get the kids involved - have them gently pinch the valve while the air escapes. Whoever manages this the longest wins!

Step 2. Clean

It's time to clean. Using fresh water rinse your floats and remove any debris. If you notice any water stains you can use white vinegar to spot clean those areas. Leave out to air dry and make sure the float is completely dry before moving onto the final step.

Step 3. Fold & Store

Once your floats are dry you can fold or roll them up and store away somewhere dry and away from direct sunlight. We recommend keeping your pool floats indoors in a garage or spare room so they can hibernate for the winter before coming out to play again next summer!

We hope you loved summer as much as we did. We can't wait to share our new season of Floats and Inflatables with you. In the meantime you can review our available styles below.