Get The Sofia Richie Grainge Look - The Beach Edition

In the world of fashion, beauty and poise, there is one name that stands out as the epitome of elegance and trendsetting in 2023 — Sofia Richie Grainge. With her impeccable taste and unmatched sense of style, Sofia has become a beacon of inspiration for the clean aesthetic and quiet luxury movement, with a generous serve of Chanel following her wedding to Elliot Grainge in April of this year. With her style described as timeless, sophisticated, classic, polished and leaning towards understated elegance it comes as no surprise, then, that if Sofia were to share her beachside setup with us, it would seamlessly align with her established aesthetic and we found it... The SUNNYLiFE Casa collection.


The Casa collection perfectly captures the essence of seaside luxury, evoking a sense of tranquility and elegance that aligns seamlessly with Sofia Richie Grainge's flawless fashion sense. With strong attention to detail, from the intricate scalloped edge detailing to the captivating striped print, these premium summer essentials exude a level of sophistication that would undoubtedly earn the approval of style icon, celebrity, muse and model extraordinaire, Sofia.


Get the Sofia Richie Grainge beach look for yourself with these 4 must-have essentials:

Deluxe Beach Chair | Casa

The Casa Deluxe Beach Chair is a fusion of timeless design, attention to detail and refined elegance, much the same as Sofia's style, making it the ideal beach accessory to effortlessly elevate any setting and add a touch of sophistication.


Luxe Beach Umbrella | Casa

The Casa Luxe Beach Umbrella aligns with the celebrity's impeccable style through its fusion of classic and chic design, attention to detail, and understated sophistication. Perfect for those seeking to align their style with Sofia's refined taste.


Play On Table Tennis | Casa

The Casa Play On Table Tennis set perfectly embodies Sofia fashion sense by marrying timelessness and playfulness, serving as a luxurious playing experience but also an exquisite addition to any space, adding a touch of sophistication to its surroundings.


White Tube Lilo | White

The White Tube Lilo offers a clean, minimalist design, premium quality, and versatile appeal resembling Sofia Richie's fashion sense. Whilst it also epitomizes her preference for sophistication and effortlessly sleek style.